Let’s Go Down Into the Valley

Written by Pastor Barb

Raise your hand if you want to hear about Hamilton Conference Annual Meeting. No? What if I told you we looked at a mountain in the distance? I have been in leadership at half a dozen conferences at Kananaskis in the Rockies, where we literally looked at mountains majestically framed by floor to ceiling windows. But, this CAM was at Redeemer College in Ancaster. It was only a poster. (sigh) Continue reading

one hundred and seventy-five years… and counting

At first glance, 1840 doesn’t stand out in people’s minds the way 1815 or 1776 or 1867 may. Nevertheless, it ushered in changes large and small across the globe:

The Washington Temperance Society was formed; the frigate Belle-Poule, transporting the remains of Napoléon Bonaparte, arrived in France; Queen Victoria married Albert; and New Zealand was ‘discovered’ and absorbed into the Empire.

In Canada, the British North America Act fused Upper and Lower Canada together as The Province of Canada.

And in Paris, Ontario a church was born. Continue reading